"A Man Without Vision Can Never Embark On A Mission" Adewunmi David shares his experience in an exclusive interview with Salient Reporters.

"A Man Without Vision Can Never Embark On A Mission" Adewunmi David shares his experience in an exclusive interview with Salient Reporters.

Question: Tell Us Your Name And More about yourself.

Answer: Adewunmi David Oluwaferanmi. A student of Federal Polytechnic Offa Mass Communication Department, HND1. I am a Christian, I hate lies and to keep grudges.

Question: Did you ever wish to become a journalist and why ?

Answer: Yes, because it is a profession that I really adore and appreciate.
I also got inspired whenever I listen to radio or watch television.

Question: Why do people think a male child is better than a female child ?

Answer: Basically both gender are worthy to be refer to as a child. 
It is just the mentality that has been installed in us by our forefathers that a male child is important that a female child, ( what a man can do a woman can do better). The fact that male child gets more respect doesn't mean the female child is not important. It is our mentality and culture that makes us believe that a male child is better than a female child.

Question: What is the main thing you think you can change for our country to be a better place for the upcoming generations?

Answer: Well don't let me be negative about our country, we all know the kind of leaders we have.
The only thing that I can do is to  get all the archaic leaders off the seat, and I will now seek the public opinion on how to get the country balance. If I say there is a particular method or ideology that I will use am only deceiving the masses because a tree can't make forest.

Question: Why is it that we learn different rules and laws in school about the freedom of the press but we can't apply them in the media house today!! 
Why? The freebie, brown envelope or the government?

Answer: The poet who revealed some information about the Honourable Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, was jailed illegally and no media house agitate for his release  except Sahara reporters who was dragging the issue with the government. 
We all know the country we re into and it is only a journalist that has Passion for his job that will go against the freebie and brown envelope for him to just reveal the truth. 
However, it also depends on the media house you work with, because most of the media house we have today has one or two connection with the government and a journalist that work in that kind of media house will dance to their tune.

Question: What do you think are the main responsibilities of a mass communication professional?

Answer: - Such professional must understand the message of the sender and execute it effectively to have the desired results.
- He has to understand the receiver and his psychology well, to design a message to suit his taste
- He has to come up with the best possible medium that is required to transfer the message
- He has to analyze the after effect of the message and alter it to suit the target better, These are some of his basic responsibilities which might change by means of the level or sector of media he/she  works.

Question: What do feel about tribalism and discrimination?

Answer: Tribalism leads to discrimination, the reason is that tribalism has a spirit of hatred and it lead to war . 
A country where we have different tribes and we refuse to live in harmony and unity we will surely discriminate cos we believe we re not the same forgetting that we are bound together in a country.

The suffering of blacks amidst the white now is racism and it is because our government has sold us out to them. 
The issue of Floyd that happened recently made me ask myself a personal question that how many white men will want to be treated the way they treat us in their country? 
They won't answer because they know that the suffering is much. And i won't blame them if not for our government that doesn't know their rights concerning their citizens.

Question: In details why is pen mightier than sword ?

Answer: The pen is mightier than the sword" is a metonymic adage, penned by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 or so.

This indicate that communication particularly in written language, or in some interpretations, administrative power or advocacy of an independent press, is a more effective tool than direct violence.
What pen can solve with peace a sword will solve with violence which will lead to deaths. 
A child that is raped and his or her guardians decided to retaliate, it will cause a great damage to such child but if pen comes in it will cover up all the facts or figures that will tarnish such child image in future. With our pen we can reframe people's view about a particular issue which will not lead to violence.

Question: Share an example of a time you had to gather information from multiple sources. How did you determine which information was relevant?

Answer: Hmm... during my siwes days at 5&6 radio, I was asked to run a vox pop program to know the view of people about Buhari government.
To determine information that is relevant I make use of the 5W'H
Who, What, Why, Where,When and How.

Question: Are there any famous journalists that inspire you? Why are they inspirational to you?

Answer: Olusoji Ajet Ajetumobi
C.E.O Grajos FM 89.3.

He inspired me with his story because he never studied mass communication in school but business administration. So on a fateful day we were together and he said David if I can be this successful in this profession, you can do better because I am going through the theory and practical aspect of it.

Question: How can one increase himself intellectually?

Answer: Determination and being focus.

Question: Is it true that incompetence leads to criticism?

Answer: Hmmmm let me say Yes because if you are not competent enough to discharge your duty the fellow will be criticized.

Question: How do you feel when people call you a journalist outside?

Answer: I feel cool but not 100% because have not gotten all the attributes.

Question: What do you think about the reopening of school is it a good idea or bad?

Answer: Is a good idea provided if they will provide all preventive measures.

Question: Which type of mass media is most reliable?Which is quickest?Which is most fun?Which is most
up-to-date?Which one is easiest to use?

Answer: Reliable: Television, Quickest: Social Media, Fun: Social Media, Up-to-date: Print, Easiest : Radio

Question: Do you think that the internet will replace other kinds of mass media completely?

Answer: New media, No it can't because We need to consider the target audience that have no access to the internet .

Question: How do you think people will get information in the future?

Answer: They can get it through other means of media like radio, tv and newspapers.

Question: Do you think that the government should control the media?Why or why not?

Answer: Government should control if they will follow the guidelines or ethnics of the media
If not a panel that will consist of professional in the field of media can control.

Question: Lastly, before is there Any important message to the people outside the world about your profession and your take on it?

Answer: Have a vision that will make you to embark on a mission so as to make your vision come true. A man without vision can never embark on a mission. Thanks, God bless salient reporter

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