Coronavirus And Buhari's Copy And Paste Model

Coronavirus And Buhari's Copy And Paste Model

_( Busy Brain Writes from Kano, April, 29th 2020 )_

Like a drama, the acts and scenes of coronavirus have taken over the world. Death toll on the rise beyond imagination. Before, it was like a magic, now we have woken up from our slumber and the few ones left in the daydreaming  seem not to embrace the reality. Many  still assume that coronavirus is over hyped in Nigeria for Federal and State governments to make money. Whether the government is making money or not, it is certain that coronavirus did not recognize status and background; It kills without taking sides.

For the fact that is yet to be a vaccine for the virus,   one must commend the efforts of Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and our frontline health workers for taking severe risk with their own lives to save others. If not for the nature of our country,  the health workers in Nigeria are supposed to earn more than politicians. However, that is not possible here in  Nigeria. 

Unarguably,  our health workers are trying their best in all ramifications to prevent the spread of coronavirus but the copy- -and-paste approach of Nigeria government would only get things out of hand. Nigeria government has copied other countries to enforce  lockdown directive but unlike other countries that cater adequately for their citizens before lockdown, Nigeria government only copied the directive without proper planning. Now that some of these countries are easing the lockdown, Nigeria has again  followed the same route of gradual relief of the lockdown in some states even when the numbers of infected victims are mounting hill uncontrollably.

The last address by President Buhari has given signal to gradually ease the lockdown and this has shown the level of our ineptitude in governance. Nigeria has no template or direction to curb coronavirus than copying other countries. Ghana and Germany have experienced more positive cases after easing their lockdown. I pray we do not regret our copycat manner. If lockdown could not curb the further spread of Covid-19, will gradual easement decrease the numbers of infected victims or increase positive cases ? Had we been catered for like other countries,  no one will ever wish to to go out or pressurize the government at this dire time.

President Buhari's  address does not capture the minds of the majority but  a mere copy and paste model. The president has forgotten to include what Nigerians want to hear. What went wrong with the payment to be made through BVN to those who have less than #5000 in their accounts? How about the poor masses who are yet to perceive any scent of palliative measures? What did Federal Government intend to do with all the donations received from selfish philanthropists and corporate bodies in Nigeria? All of the above should have been included and well analysed in President Buhari's address and not a repetition of the copied policy and directive.

It is a pity  that the likes of Aliko  Dangote donated billions to Federal  Government and the price of sugar, sphagetti and other foodstuff  are not smiling at the poor masses. Instead of relieving the poor masses, they made huge donations to Government and at the end, we are left with our immune system to battle coronavirus as from May 4. The reality remains that what lockdown could not prevent, freedom will get it worse. With the lockdown, we have about 2, 558 confirmed cases already.  I pray we do not regret this easement. May God save the world! The world is unrest.

Busy Brain is an opinion writer, journalist, poet and Public Relations Practitioner. He graduated from the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State...the fastest growing polytechnic in Nigeria.

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