Covid-19: Ekiti State Begins Milk Production, Takes Off With 10,000ltrs Daily

Covid-19: Ekiti State Begins Milk Production, Takes Off With 10,000ltrs Daily

The Ekiti State Government has announced the commencement of milk production in the state to boost the economy.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and its possible effects on the economy, the State Government has made $5 million into Ikun Dairy Farm, which will be used to purchase equipment, provide the appropriate herd of cattle, and develop an out-grower scheme for providing feed for the cattle.

According to a statemet officially released by the State Government, "the upgrade of farm houses and milking bay, and shed repairs are almost completed. These facilities will ensure a balance between dairy production, livestock well-being, environmental preservation, and long-term farm sustainability."

Meanwhile, the Arable land cultivation has also commenced with the completion of land clearing. Equally, the feed has been procured to keep dairy cows in good condition, maximise their milk production potential, and fulfil the nutrient need of dairy cattle cost-effectively.

Further more, the Government has commenced the procurement of farm equipments and  the recruitment of the farm manager and first set of community workers have been completed. Adding that the process will enable the effective and responsible management of human resources and ensure farm tasks are carried out safely and competently.

Ekiti Government further stressed that the estimated daily milk production of 10,000 litres within the next 18-24 months will require a speedy and reliable mode of transportation for rapid delivery to local markets and exports while the sector will be a huge economic benefit for the Ekiti Agro-Allied cargo connectivity.

The Government affirms that as productivity and revenue increases, Ikun Dairy Farm will create hundreds of jobs directly, and indirectly and also improve the economy of Ikun-Ekiti, the host community, surrounding communities, and Ekiti State at large.

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