FEDPOFFA: Alumni Association President, Ayoade Adeyemi Appreciates Members For Birthday Wishes.

FEDPOFFA: Alumni Association President, Ayoade Adeyemi Appreciates Members For Birthday Wishes.

Yesterday, 19th of May, 2020, Members of the Alumni Association of the Federal Polytechnic Offa celebrated the National President of the Association, Mr. Ayoade Adeyemi for adding a year to his age.

It was fun filled as different messages and prayer were barging in intermittently  from different social media platforms.

Below are some birthday wishes from members and staff of the polytechnic as copied by SalientReporters.

" Happy birthday to you. The grace to see more years to come in gr8ness will be yours. Enjoy your day"

"Happy Birthday to the National President, Fedpoffa Alumni Association, Mr. Ayo Adeyemi( Morgan ). God will continue to honour and bless you. Congratulations"

" Happy birthday boss, wish you more happiness in life"

"Happy Birthday Sir, age gracefully with long life and prosperity"

" Happy Birthday Sir. I wish you more prosperous years ahead"
@Atinukemi Abbas.

"Celebrating the birth of Fedpoffa Alumni Social Influencer and Iconic Scholar ....AYO ADEYEMI MORGAN.
Today is a day to celebrate you, so make it special and surround yourself with everything that makes you feel like the stars you are!
May God keep his bountiful and rewarding blessings on you to enjoy the rest of your life in good health and social wisdom.
You will keep shining like a diamond in the sky  , more days ahead you BRO!"
@Rahaman Ayuba.

"Happy birthday to the National president fedpoffa Alumni, may you live healthy to fulfil all ur beautiful dreams. May today and tomorrow be a cause of celebration for u. Long life & prosperity sir"

"Happy birthday to the pioneer fedpoffa Alumni president Mr Ayo Adeyemi Mabayoje.
Egbon,may your days be long sir."
@Ayobami Adejumobi.

While responding to birthday wishes from members and colleagues, Mr. Ayo said, " I'm sincerely short of words. All I have to say is thank you for adding colour, beauty,  glamour and encomium to my birthday."

He joyfully stressed that the good gestures shown on his day was all moments of laughter, joy and praises. He added that it got to the extent where he lost counts and could not reply all messages again due to the message traffic from well wishers.

" I am indeed grateful and full of appreciation. I celebrate each and everyone of you." He added.

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