Abdulrahman Bashir Kehinde Writes

It is very disheartening  on how our leaders in Nigeria take issue of Covid-19 as a theatrical play. 

In my dear country where politicians can go to any length to stage different drama in order to create an avenue to acquire money, they always take everything for granted and consider things as means to syphon public funds without considering the poor masses they are governing. 

I was busy asking myself several questions concerning the covid-19 outbreak in Nigeria. Questions like: Is Covid-19 real in Nigeria as it is globally? Do we have standard healthcare system and professionals? Why are people recovering quickly in Nigeria without vaccine? Why is government playing politics to fight it? Why security agents  killing citizens unlawfully.

I salute our health professionals who are in war front of covid-19 from the inception of the outbreak in Nigeria till now. Upon lacking the required equipment to tackle it, they still put on their best. No reasonable Nigerian will underestimate their vital contributions against the virus. 

But some cabals in government desire to jeopardize the sector's efforts by colluding with some men to manipulate the test result in order to enrich their purse. 

This assertion make some Nigerians to doubt the existence of covid-19 in Nigeria. 

Please get me right, I'm not telling you about the realness of the virus. But the dramatic rise in the numbers of confirmed cases like an election results from the northern part of the  country everyday, and how they do discharge them within the shortest period of time which is not like that in other countries are alarming.

It's unarguable and glaring that Nigeria Covid-19 is full of foul play, untruth and fraud. 

It seems the government desire to make money from WHO to keep for themselves.

Glimpsing at some cases in Nigeria. The cases of Osun state, many Nigerians watch the video that went viral on social media on how people that government claim are Covid-19 positive were playing around and laughing with each other without any traces of the virus in their look. And a week after the state government announced that ten out of seventeen covid-19 test negative.

Mrs Susan Idoko who cries out from one of the isolation center in Abuja lamented that she didn't have the virus but the government is forcing her to stay after sixteen days of being isolated. According her in the video, she pleaded to the Nigeria government to set her free claiming that Benue state government lied against her that she has the virus. 

Adding that they brought the test result after fifteen days of being isolated and result was fake with different date of birth. 

On the 16th of march around 9:30pm to 10:00pm, NCDC announced 62 confirmed cases nationwide and before the day break Lagos state alone announced 35 and the same week Lagos state announced 107 covid-19 patients recover the same day.

The patient's receipt of Covid-19 from Lagos state that went viral online, according to the eyewitness, they say the little boy has a head injury while playing with his fellow kids and he was rushed to hospital for proper treatment but surprisingly the boy injury was also counted among the cases of covid-19. 

Hmmmm oma se, once you are sick and decided to visit a government hospitals in Nigeria automatically you're covid-19 patient.

Recently, in Gombe state "Confirmed Covid-19 patients" protesting for inadequate medical attention and food in isolation center. They protest to the extent of blocking highway and destroying properties, did you ever hear or see any display of such from any other countries around the globe.

However when the cases are within the range of two hundred plus to three hundred, the government declared total lockdown in Lagos, Ogun and Abuja and some states also joined the race but now that cases rapidly rise to two thousand plus, they announced to relax the lockdown.

If truly is real in Nigeria as our government claimed why easing the lockdown now without any vaccine or the government wants to  endanger the citizens' lives.

All these aforementioned are not like that in developed countries where they have experts, equipment needed and the real existence of covid-19. Who is deceiving who? 

Locking down poor masses to stay at home without relief materials is tantamount to hunger 19 and hunger kill faster than covid-19. Imaging the country that sold crude oil for sixty four years cannot even stand on his fit to feed their citizens for a month without any cause for alarm.

Before the inception of Covid-19 outbreak in Nigeria and world at large, people are dying so why relating all the death in Nigeria to covid-19? Some people are getting the mysterious deaths of people in Kano State wrong. While investigations by medical personnel into the causes of the deaths, show that the deaths were not in way connected to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

If it's Covid-19, thousands of Almajiris supposed to have died by now, why the death is flowing within the prominent and important personnel alone? They are using those deaths to get attention from the philanthropists and central government. 

The whole world is in a state of melancholy because of detriment covid-19 has caused globally. 

Many countries busy finding ways to curb the spread of virus. Our government that ought to face it and find a way to put an end to the spread of the virus are not ready for that. 

Some states are cooking lies and causing unnecessary panics on people in other for them to benefit from the central government. Their actions on covid-19 issue is disheartening  and unbearable for poor masses.

Our leaders should be reasonable in their action before revolution will take it stand in Nigeria. Poor masses are suffering and dying unlawfully because of their actions.

May God heal our land, the world and deliver us from hands of these barbaric, diabolic and visionless leaders who don't have sympathy for their citizens.

Covid-19 is not destined  for me and you. Stay at home, stay safe and comply with all directives.

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  1. One of the best articles have read in this month

  2. Some states are cooking lies and causing unnecessary panics on people in other for them to benefit from the central government. Their actions on covid-19 issue is disheartening and unbearable for poor masses with this u said it all