Meet Deborah Faromo From The Federal Polytechnic Offa On SalientReporters Student's View

Meet Deborah Faromo From The Federal Polytechnic Offa On SalientReporters Student's View

The current pandemic in the Nation isn't convincing as we only hear the results, we don't see the evidence (Pictures) to back it up as other nations have been doing. Deborah Faromo shares her experience in an exclusive interview with Salient Reporters

 Question: Tell us your name and tell us more about you.

Answer: My name is Faromo Deborah, a student of Federal Polytechnic Offa, Mass Communication Department HND1. I am a Christian and I like making friends, music and love to make people happy

Question: As the current situation of Nigeria, with the deadly pandemic virus. What can you tell the Federal Government to open first between schools and airports with concrete reason ?

Answer: Hmm... If airports will be opened, many people will want to  travel into Nigeria and we don't know who is who. Some people who will be coming might also be infected, and as we have been hearing cases here and there, but no evidence (pictures) shown. I will advice the FG to open schools.
As Covid-19 is a virus that was brought in through someone who traveled into our country as we have heard.
So therefore, opening airport will make things worse but shutting it down will at least curb it.

Question: Do you think the idea of shutting down mosques and churches while the market is opened a wise decision ?

Answer:  Hmmmmm... actually it is not good enough and it's also good.
Firstly, the reason I said it is not too good is because market is a place where different kinds of people go to and then you touch things and drop, you buy things and also collect change, you meet with different people.  Whereas, Market cannot be co-ordinated but assuming it's stores, it can be at least controlled to some extent.

But now churches and mosques are places where people will follow instructions, in fact you can go into the building without touching anyone then leave again in peace which I belief that they will follow rules.

Question: Did you ever wish to become a journalist ?

Answer: Yes, A reporter and also a presenter. It has been my aspiration.

Question: The nation has been on lock down for months now but the cases keep rising day by day. Don't you think the FG should allow us go back to our normal activities and learn how to live with the virus as there's no sign of it leaving soon ?

Answer: Yes I think they have been sitting on this because sitting at home is not really helping the situation and many people work are dying likewise poverty increasing because there are no jobs around.
On the virus leaving soon, thre is no sign at all, the FG keeps on posting the country giving series of months which are not visible.
So therefore it's better we go back to our normal lives and take preventive measures into consideration.

Question: Can you briefly explain the impact of the media towards COVID-19 ?

Answer: Most people cannot get detailed information but through the media.
The media has helped to notify the people about the present situation and also help in disseminating information on what to do and how to go about  it.
Media however has many impact and functions which are helpful to the nation as a whole.

Question: Can you give us the impact of NCDC on covid 19 pandemic ?

Answer: I don't think NCDC add any impact on this because if they have added impact,  the cases will not be rising but reducing. This is the type of country we find  everyone running on selfish attitude.

Question: What is your view on the number of covid-19 cases being recorded every day and do you think it is real ?

Answer: Actually, I can't say but for  me I did not believe.
Because how can we stay at home at the same time cases keep on increasing?
Where are are they from?

Question: Don't you think Covid-19 will increase if schools resume ?

Answer: COVID-19 may and may not increase. It depends on  individual. As we have been hearing, it's those at the top that are being affected. Imagine me that I have not been to airport before, how will I be infected? So, if precaution is being taken in schools, it may not increase.

Question: Are there any famous journalists that inspire you? Why are they inspirational to you?

Answer: Yes, as per newscasting, Aishat Bello has been inspiring me right from my child hood and  I have been seeing her on the screen, the way she normally coordinate and read the news out to people and other things.
And as per presenting, I will go for Oluwateru Bunmi and Laide Abioye.  I have never missed his program for once despite the fact that it comes early morning. I love  their arrangements and  the way they start programmes.

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