NANs Kicks Against Online Lectures, Gives Conditions To 'FG' And Tertiary Institutions.

NANs Kicks Against Online Lectures,  Gives Conditions To 'FG' And Tertiary Institutions.

Following the Federal Ministry of Education directive that all tertiary institutions should commence online lectures for their students to fill the vacuum occasioned by Covid-19, the National Association of Nigerian Students,  the apex students' body in Nigeria has kicked against the directive and gave out four conditions to be met by any institution that wants commence online classes.

When SalientReporters recieved a press release issued  by NANs zone D, South West,  the association said, " The management of tertiary institutions in the country in adhering to directive of the Federal Government through Federal Ministry of Education are about to kick start a virtual learning process for their students without providing means, in as much as we wish to support this development, the Federal Government has failed to meet our demands which include but not limited to the provision of specified data and cost allowance of at least #100, 000 for each student all over the country in order to aid online learning process"

The association  thereby complained about poor power supply in many part of the country and lack of fund to buy sufficient data  on laptop which will make  online classes a mirage.

NANs emphasised on the fact that,  Covid-19 has caused serous financial havoc and destitute on many students to the extent that larger percentage of the population are now submerged in hunger while many are on the verge of joining them. 

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  1. Speaking on the issue of Non-approval of online lectures by the national association of nigerian students.
    I stand with nigerian students to disagree against the approval of online classes by nigerian institutions.
    Before any online lecture could take place,there should be provision of enough facilities that will enhance the success of the program.thinks like laptop or alternatively Android phones should be provided for students considering the fact that not all nigeria students have this or can afford to buy this especially at this time of lockdown.
    Also FG should provide money that will be used by students at this period.this money will be used by students to subscribe and buy recharge card.currently now there is lockdown in the country and 80% of nigerians are struggling to get at least three or two square meals as the case may be,and this same set of people can not afford to buy us recharge cards for data suscription since we are not working.
    Provided that Mr President can meet up with this and other requirements given to him by the nigerian students, I strongly concur to the commencement of online lectures but if he can not meet up with these requirements, I stand with nigerian students to say that there should not be commencement of online lectures in any nigerian institution.
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