Old Age: President Buhari On Chair During Eid Service

Old Age: President Buhari  On Chair During Eid Service

Earlier, President Muhammadu Buhari had declared his strict compliance with NCDC and Sultan of Sokoto's directives.

NCDC has always been sensitizing Nigerians to maintain Social Distancing, to avoid public gathering and wearing of face masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, Sultan of Sokoto had given order to all Muslims to avoid eid praying ground and pray at home. 

As a result of these, President Buhari through his spoke person declared to observe Eid Prayers at home with his family. During Eid service, President Buhari was spotted  on Chair. Although Islam is a religion of peace and Islam allowed any position to be deployed during prayer buy that is only permitted when one is sick or at old age.

A young, sound and  healthy being cannot use chair to observe any prayer. For the president to have used chair pose a challenge to his health status which might be body weakness emanated from old age. No big deal.

President Buhari has attained that level of people permitted in Islam to make use of Chair while praying for more comfort. But to tell Nigerians that Mr. President can maintain any position during Eid service just to defend him is a story for the gods. Someone like President Buhari supposed to be in Daura and earns  returns from his Children and Grand-children; not actually to be battling a disjointed canoe of a country called Nigeria.

Nothing is  bad in making comfort while praying when one is in the category of people in that position. President Buhari is one of those people, Baba should have been relaxing at home rather than serving punishment to run for second term. The old age has come!

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