Revealed: Coronavirus Exists During GoodLuck Jonathan's Administration In 2013.

Revealed: Coronavirus Exists During GoodLuck Jonathan's Administration In 2013.

On page 13, Punch newspaper of August 26, 2013 during Goodluck Jonathan's administration, a story written by Adelani Adepegba  revealed the effort of National Hajj Commission of Nigeria ( NAHCON)  to procure and distribute nose masks to pilgrims going for hajj in Saudi Arabia to prevent them from contracting coronavirus.

Coronavirus was described as an infection disease and endemic in Saudi Arabia and the part of the Middle-East

According to the report, the Hajj Commission set up a medical team including epidemiologists to  monitor Nigerian pilgrims and reduce their chance of contracting and spreading the disease.

The then NAHCON Commissioner in charge of health services, Dr. Ibrahim said the disease posed a threat to life and advised those who are sick not to go on Hajj

Coronavirus has been in existence for long and was endemic in year 2013 but its outbreak in 2019 in China which led to a code name tagged Covid-19 is now pandemic with over millions death record all over the world.

Covid-19 existence in Nigeria like other countries has spurred many arguments on social media with the intermittent increment in the number of positive cases and this has made many to doubt the veracity of the results in Nigeria

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  1. Wow! This is expository.
    There are many types of coronavirus though, corona viruses are virus that irritates the respiratory tracts and the bronchial tube leading to difficulty breathing which may result to death. It's not all Corona viruses that are Covid 19. It's just That the coronavirus the World is currently battling with was tagged Covid 19 by WHO. And it's the most popular out of the coronaviruses because it is novel.