The New Abba Kyari Of Nigeria: Ibrahim Agboola Gambari

The New Abba Kyari Of Nigeria: Ibrahim Agboola Gambari

By: Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi 

It's exactly on April 18, President Muhammadu Buhari announced that his chief of staff, Abba Kyari, died from COVID-19 when a man like a million was needed mostly with his prominent and trustworthy attitude. This unexpected  tragedy made Nigeria and the administration of President Buhari --- lunge in a deep sorrowing mood. The role of Kyari would  rarely be disremenbered, because he played the central technocratic role in the functioning of the office of the presidency  and Nigerians praised his dirge  as being a creditably meritorious exponent of good governance. Most of the citizens were thinking after his demise  on who exactly can be appointed  that can apparently act brilliantly  like him: nobody grasp before --- nearly who could be preferred  to heal the presidency's prick, consummate, dense  and  accountability. The media  was unfortunately filled with the announcement of a new chief of staff to the President,  congratulatory messages pimped everywhere that Prof. Ibrahim Agoola Gambari was appointed as the new Abba Kyari of Nigeria. 

Professor Ibrahim A. Gambari is  a scholar-diplomat, is the Founder/Chairman of the Board of Directors of Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development, a non-governmental think-tank on research, policy studies, advocacy and training on the nexus between conflict prevention and resolution, democratisation and development in Africa. The man has had an international and national appointment; also he has had a well strictly educational background like the former chief of staff to the president, Mallam Abba. 

However, believe me or not; the involvement of him in the new era Nigeria governance and being an intellect in an academic congregation, perhaps he's not unlike a patriot or a dysfunctional leader. But his attractive ways of living might definitely be the main reason behind the appointment. Nevertheless, if the democratic ways were the main reason behind it, he wouldn't have been the lucky one to be appointed. Expectantly, there were numerous political warriors  people had suggested before  the announcement was made by the president and the masses' would be expecting the new Abba to promote Nigeria with his international experiences: thus the reality of being appointed was his capabilities and ways of living. Also, the  president consistently claims he is a trustworthy man and the person that can be working with him must be alike. May Nigerians see their expectations in them.

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