"Virginity Does Not Prove Long Last Marriage But Character Does" Ojo Sarah Speaks To Salient Reporters In An Exclusive Interview

"Virginity Does Not Prove Long Last Marriage But Character Does" Ojo Sarah Speaks To Salient Reporters In An Exclusive Interview 

Question: Tell us your name and tell us more about you

Answer: I am Ojo Sarah Oluwakemi, a student of Federal Polytechnic Offa, Mass Communication Department, ND 1 and I'm from Kwara State.

Question: His Excellency Gov. Babajide Sanwolu celebrated one year in office yesterday, what is your view about the frontline workers he gave awards?

Answer: It is a good thing that the governor  gave  them awards.
Interviewer cuts in... But ma, are there no  other workers that are worthy of getting awards, why the COVID 19 workers alone ?

Answer: Of course, there are many people, but you know we play games in this country. More so, he gave them the award because he wants people to know  how they have helped the country towards the fight against COVlD-19 Pandemic.

Question: If one  marries a virgin, does it mean one has  married a good wife?

Answer: My answer is No because marrying a virgin does not prove that the marriage is going to last long.
Marriage is all about understanding and true love.
Marrying a virgin as a wife does not justify that you got married to a good woman because character is the main factor a man must get in a lady.
A lady that lacks good character won't find a good husband and what is the essence of her virginity because the virginity is meant for the husband alone i.e private aspect of their marriage but the public side is the character. That is what the general public is seeing.

Question: And as the case maybe, what can you tell the government to do instead of banning interstate movements?

Answer: As we can all see that despite the closure of interstate movements, people still move around from one state to another and I believe that the government should allow everyone to move freely. What the government need is to  mandate the use of face masks, enforce social distancing and use of hand-sanitizer for precaution.

Question: Did you ever wish to become a journalist and why ?

Answer: Yes, because I want to explore, I want to have vast knowledge in the things that is happening around the world.

Question: As a Mass Communication student, what aspect of the  profession do you think is better ( Print or Broadcast Media)?

Answer: To my own perspective, I can't really say one is better than the other but what I can say to this is that, you choose the one you think you can perform much more better.
As for me, I can perform better in broadcast media that in print media.

Question: Between a male and a female who do you think cheat a lot in a relationship?

Answer: Male cheat a lot. The  reason is that when a guy has more money,  he believes that he can do anything that pleases him and he can date any lady that he wants.
Virtually, everyone knows that guys cheat a lot even though you give a guy all the love and affection in this world, he will still do what he wants to do.
If a guy is even caught in the act he will tell you that he his the Head and he has the say.
Ladies only cheat when they feel  they are not loved by the guy they love. Another reason is that when a lady catch his guy cheating on her, then they do the same so as not to get hurt.

Question: Five years of President M.Buhari is a waste this was a statement said by  Secondus, what is your view about it?

Answer: What do you expect of a opposition party to say about Buhari's 5 years in office ?

Like Yoruba will say:  'Omo Eni O le se idi bebere ka fi ileke sidi elomiran.' Secondus will not give any appraisal to the president because they are not of the same party. 
Buhari's regime might not be good to you but be good to another person. So I can't justify that Secondus of PDP party is right.

Question: Can you tell us what you will like to become in the next two years and how to tend to influence the world?

Answer:  Next two years, I will like to be in University for Direct Entry if God permits me to.
I believe God's Grace will speak for me on that aspect ...

Question: Are there any famous journalists that inspire you? Why are they inspirational to you?

Answer: Kiki mordi, she is a Media personality and Film Writer, I actually love the way she talks and her dress sense.
She won the award of (South-South) at the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards.

Question: Any important message to the people outside the world about your profession and your take on it on ladies?

Answer: "Take your time to be who you want to be, don't let the downfall of a colleague in your profession discourage you".

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