Will Prof. Gambari Perfom Better Than Abba Kyari ?

Will Prof. Gambari Perfom Better Than Abba Kyari ?

Following the appointment of Professor Ibrahim Agboola Gambari as the new Chief of Staff, the Prof. has made his first official statement submitting his loyalty to Mr. President like Abba Kyari.

The  new Chief of Staff loyalty could be measured in his assertion admitting with the fact that,  he will only report to the President and not the public. 

The only wrong Abba Kyari did was his loyalty to the President and his death had been a topical issue for long. What will happen when the new Chief of Staff choose not to consider the public who voted for the President but report to the President only ?

I think the paramount aim of any political appointee is to cater and represent the interest of the public and not only that of his pay master. While I wish Prof. Gambari a successful tenure,  I urge the Prof not to jeopardize the interest of the masses in the process of loyalty to the President. The public voted in the President and that Public should be well represented.

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