Fact Check: Senator Osinowo Did Not Die In Our Hospital- First Cardiology Management

Fact Check:  Senator Osinowo Did Not Die In Our Hospital- First Cardiology Management

Oluwapelumi Fasoyin, Lagos

First Cardiologist Hospital has debunked rumors that Senator Bayo Osinowo died at their facility in Lagos due to complications from the dreaded COVID-19.

The Management of First Cardiology released a statement stating that Senator Bayo Osinowo was never admitted in their hospital despite the hospital having the capacity to handle severe cases of COVID-19.

The late Senator representing Lagos East Senatorial District at the Upper Legislative Chamber of the National Assembly, passed away on Monday morning at the age of 64.

Several media claimed that he died at First Cardiology Consultant in Ikoyi, the same facility former chief of staff to President Muhammadu Buhari died on April 17.

The hospital however released an official statement on Tuesday to knockdown the allegations.

The statement read “It has become fashionable for some unscrupulous reporters, news media and bloggers to link deaths of any VIP who had COVID-19 to our hospital

“Ordinarily, hospitals should not have to brag about how many critically ill lives they save, just as death from critical illness may be due to the severity of the disease itself regardless of the skills and technology deployed to manage it

“We wish to go on record that Senator Bayo Osinowo who unfortunately died yesterday, who on social media was claimed to have died at our hospital never stepped into our hospital and has no records here at First Cardiology Consultants Hospital,” the statement read in part.

The hospital reiterated that First Cardiology Consultants was the first health facility to be certified for High-Intensity Critical Care (Level 3) for COVID-19 patients.

“We are the final referral centre for the sickest patients who cannot be managed anywhere else. Our centre has the most advanced critical care services in Nigeria.

“We have admitted 28 severely ill people with severe respiratory distress from COVID-19 and only 5 of these have died (82% survival). These results are superior to the results from the United Kingdom where they have 60% survival for patients hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit,” it stated.

While emphasizing that some of the resources it deploys in Nigeria are only available in five regional centres in the United Kingdom, the hospital management also said that they had anticipated the spread of the disease to Nigeria way back in January and made significant structural and operational changes to its hospital.

“We have done it in such a way that we could provide critical COVID-care to patients, and still deliver in a safe environment, advanced non-COVID medical care comparable to those obtainable at elite medical centres abroad, to patients who hitherto depended on us for their advanced cardiac and medical care,” it stated

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