Feud Between Obaseki And Oshiomhole: The Irony Of Life

Feud Between Obaseki And Oshiomhole: The Irony Of Life

_( Busy Brain Writes From Adamawa State, Published In SalientReporters.com.ng On June 15th, 2020. )_

Wonders shall never end. The dramatic nature of Nigeria politics is getting more interesting on a daily basis. A season film that is more luring and captivating than Spartacus as political giants are showing what they are made of in all ramifications. A politics of godfatherism and lordship in display.  We heard of  Ambode and Tinubu of Lagos state, Akpabio and Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State and now, it is Oshiomhole and Obaseki of Edo state. Of course, the  number of episodes that have been  staged by these set of politicians is a  long one. No one dares to watch till the end.  

Politics is not only a dirty game but funny game. The mantra of no permanent friend and no permanent enemy in politics is very apt and thoughtful. Everyone in political circle is eager to achieving permanent interest. No godfather will ever fight for good governance, their fights always revolve around personal interest. As the clash of interest occur, Oshiomhole who introduced Obaseki to Edo state politics was the one that shot him in the leg. What a drama inside life!

Oshiomhole said in one of their campaigns in 2016 that Obaseki graduated from University of Ibadan with flying color and proceeded to abroad for his Master programs. Oshiomole said Obaseki came back to Nigeria and helped people to set up businesses in Edo state,  he  said Obaseki was among those who set up many of the second generation banks in the state. Oshiomole said everything concerning academic credentials of Obaseki was accurate, correct without any falsification. My God! I was laughing while watching the video skit. So, Oshiomhole had once said those good things with flowery language about Obaseki before ? Another picture of the duo on Edo street eating maize was a jumbo lesson that nothing last for ever in life. As a matter of fact, political godfathers care less about good roads, hospitals, education and quality health care. What matters to them is their interest. Simply put, Oshiomhole destroyed what he built not because of Obaseki's  poor governance but for the clash of interest. Wonderful!

I don't want to take side here, but sincerely speaking, Obaseki got himself into the mess. Apart from biting a finger that fed him, the place of loyalty in relationship can not be measured. Relationship is like an onion, the layers  will peel to the last layer and that is when deterioration will set in. But the loyalty will uphold the things shared in common firmly without getting exposed. Obaseki exposed many things done behind the scene with his master. Obaseki said he didn't know his commissioners , Oshiomhole gave him names. Obaseki stepped on toes as an authority without minding his second attempt. He said nobody can remove him from that seat. His impact in the plot to remove Oshiomhole as the National Chairman was pellucid. Had Oshiomhole been removed, Obaseki would have been a warrior by now for relagating his benefactor but Oshiomhole being a political 'jugunu' played his politics politely and stick to Jagaban of Lagos. His in-depth loyalty to Tinubu inundated him and foiled his removal. Now, Oshiomhole is the warrior and Obaseki is looking for where to hide is head under PDP's umbrella. The cordial relationship now taste sour. What an irony of life!

Worse still, the same certificate Obaseki used to serve his first tenure was used against him in his second attempt. This is not about  certificate, it was a conspiracy and willful decision of the party to deal with Obaseki. Maybe in his next attempt, he will learn how to respect elders with loyalty. Before then, I pray for his political career to rest in perfect peace. 

Busy Brain is an opinion writer, poet, journalist and Public Relations Practitioner


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  1. There is nothing like absolute loyalty in Politics, it's a game of chess, we will wait and see who checkmate first between the duo

  2. Well, you said are right. Obeseki learned his lesson in a hard that it is dangerous to start a fight one will not be able to end. In the beginning, I though he is not interested in the second term but he forget that there is no way he can secure the ticket without Oshiomole concerr. The day Oshiomole bounced back from the plot of his removal is the beginning of political end of Obeseki. I would advice Obeseki to follow Ambode attitudes by forget about the second term ambition in PDP or any other political parties because those that denied him the second term ticket will surely works for his failures at the poll. As it is now, it is better to settle his rift with Oshiomole before every member of the party accross the national and federal government tagged him with bad name and work for his total downfall in politics. I hope this little words is okay for a wise person