FG Gives Update On Resumption, Tells Students To Prepare

FG Gives Update On Resumption, Tells Students To Prepare

The Federal Government has given new update on reopening of schools during the Presidential Task Force Daily briefing for the 22nd of June, 2020. 

The update was given by the Secretary  to the Government and Chairman of Presidential Task Force, Boss Mustapha, adding that  the surge in the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country and how the Federal Government is trying to do something about it is a fight till victory.  Boss Mustapha said the number of confirmed cases has reached 20,000 overnight as more than 400 cases were newly discovered. 

He added that the delay in the re-opening of these institutions now is that the managements are still planning an effective way to safely re-open without compromising the lives of anyone. But emphasized on the fact that  schools will resume following the re-opening of local airports and interstate movement. 

According to him, there is a very high possibility that inter-state movement which was formerly scheduled to open on the 19th of June, 2020 will be opened very soon as there are good news flying around that Nigerian Scientists have developed a vaccine which will prevent every Nigerian from getting infected by the Novel Coronavirus. 

He said: "since there is a vaccine which has been tested several times and it proved effective, there is a relief that everything may soon go back to normal especially students going back to their various schools." 

Boss Mustapha  in his  briefing, said every student, teacher and school owner should be getting prepared as the date for the resumption of schools nationwide will be announced soon. Though, currently there is no fixed date for that but soon there will be.

He stressed that every student is enjoined to start preparing for resumption and cancel the mindset that the long holiday will still be for a long time. He said the holiday is over, make sure you are prepared because the school calendar will be rushed so as to meet up with the lost time.

"Only few schools which meet the requirements for re-opening will be allowed to open. The requirements are yet to be announced but, we already have idea of what some of it may be and it is very mandatory for every school owner to make sure that they provide some facilities that will help to safeguard the lives of their students like, running water and alcohol based hand sanitizer, so that they will be allowed to open," he added.

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