Man Fined 200k For Farting In Front Of Police Officers

Man Fined 200k For Farting In Front Of Police Officers

A Man in Austria was fined for ‘loudly’ farting which violated “decency and noise”.

The man was fined £450, about N200k for violating public decency by loudly escaping an intestinal wind in front of police officers.

Police in Vienna defended the decision to fine the man, who they say had acted provocatively and had been uncooperative during a previous incident – the fart seemingly being the final straw. 

The smelly incident took place on June 5 at 40 minutes past midnight, very early on Saturday Morning.

It is reported that the person involved in the incident posted a speeding ticket on Reddit, before police confirmed the incident to local media. 
The criminal order reportedly describes a “loud gut wind” which violated “decency and noise”. What nonsense, police says.

The local police force wrote on Twitter, that the man was “provocative and uncooperative throughout the previous official act.”
He then “rose slightly from the park bench, looked at the officers and apparently intentionally released a massive bowel wind in the immediate vicinity of the officers.” 

The local police force stressed farting alone would not normally result in a fine.

The man will be able to appeal the fine.

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