Meet A Family In Offa With Ten Professors

Meet A Family In Offa With  Ten Professors

Offa is a blessed  town in the North-central, Kwara State, which places premium on education and currently has over 100 professors who are serving in various institutions in Nigeria and abroad. A single town with over 100 professors may be the first of its kind in Nigeria but the spotlight is on an extended family in the town which has churned out 10 professors.

The Ijaiya family of Offa has achieved giant stride in the nobility of academic towers and has continued to serve as the breeding ground for professors. Among the scholars from the household are two former deputy vice-chancellors, chief medical director, deans and host of other senior academics. The ten Professors from this lineage include:

1. Prof. Gafar T. Ijaiya (Economics)

2. Prof. Sidikat Ijaiya(Mrs) (Education) (First Female DVC, University Of Ilorin)

3. Prof. Mufutau A. Ijaiya (Finance)

4. Prof. Munir. A. Ijaiya (Medicine)

5. Prof. Hakeem Ijaiya (Law), University of Ilorin.

6. Prof. Waheed Olatinwo (Medicine )

7. Prof. Bayo Lawal (Applied Linguistic /English Education) all in University of Ilorin.

8. Prof. Abdulmojeed T. Ijaiya (Animal Science/Nutrition): FUT MINNA

9. Prof. Najeem Ijaiya (Law): Crescent Uni. Abeokuta.

10. Prof. Maruf. K. A Adeboye (Soil science and Land management)

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