"Our Pen Is Our Mindset Because It Gives Us The Privilege To Express Ourselves" Badmus Tunde Abdulsobur, Speaks To Salient Reporters In An Exclusive Interview.

"Our Pen Is Our Mindset Because It Gives Us The Privilege To Express Ourselves" Badmus Tunde Abdulsobur, Speaks To Salient Reporters In An Exclusive Interview.

Question: Can we meet you?

Answer: I am Badmus Tunde Abdulsobur, student of Federal Polytevhnic Offa, ND2 Mass Communication.I am a poet, I love being with people to learn with intellectual personalities and I'm ready to learn from this angle.

Question: What inspires you to pick Mass Communication as a course ?

Answer: Well, right from secondary school days, I want to be a writer and I'm working towards that since then.I pick Mass Communication as a course because I feel I would be able to write well and develop in many skills, as said earlier, I write poems and have been opportune to meet people from different places to learn more about journalism.

Question: Like How many novels or poem have you written?

Answer: I'm not a novelist  but I can boast of about many poems written by me.
I can not count because I lost some of my works due to my in ability  to put them in a hardware processor but I can say what I have now about 30 pieces, the likes of lyrics and so on.

Question: What can you term as your challenges as a student?

Answer: Financial factors has been one of the challenges I see.
Being able to spend the money given to you for the right purpose is the main objective but when the money isn't sufficient for you, what can you do?

Question: What was your best experience during SIWES?

Answer: I did my Student industrial Work Experience Scheme at AIT TELEVISION Ibadan, Dugbe Cocoa House ULTRA HIGH VOLTAGE 26 where I was assigned into news room.
I was able to know about press release and how to voice on record. I did interview session in- between but my best experience was being able to write sports stories and lots of my works were actually used by the organisation.

Question: What are the core values in which a Mass Communication students must posses?

Answer: Such individual must be ready to observe what goes on around him, must also be time conscious. Lastly, must always available at all time.

Question: As a Mass Communication student, which aspect of the media profession do you think is better: print or broadcast? 

Answer: For me, the two are better, but it  all depends on which aspect  you think you can fit into.
As for me, I will go for print.
Reason is, that being able to write well is the necessity of a print medium and as we all know in broadcast, most anchors gain publicity by showing on TV or radio but many people don't know   print media personnel. 
Another aspect is that, the back-bone of a broadcasteris surely in the hands of a powerful editor who edits for him. 
I'm of the opinion that without print media,  no broadcast organization can stand.

Question: In Mass Communication, is there privacy limitation between a journalist and an individual?

Answer: Yes, there  is certain limitation that you can not go further in investigating someone's privacy. it is also stated in the ethics or  journalism code.

Question: what can you say about the current ordeal of rape in our country?

Answer: Rape cases has been rampant for many years through out the continent but rape cases shouldn't be taken with levity hand.
The Federal Government should kick start a campaign about the punishment for such offences.
The offender should be castrated and banned for life in our society because it's like killing an innocent human.
It an inhumane treatment and it is something our society should go against. Imagine the 18 year old girl here in Ibadan who was raped and stabbed to death at the same time, the issue still baffles me till date.

Interviewer Cuts-in: Are women the only victims of Rape?

Answer: No, but women are the major targets because men feel the urge to have sex and someone who might have taken alcohol could easily lose his senses and victimize any girl.

Question: When we talk about castration, it means removing the testicles of a man. What will now happen to women that are raping guys also?

Answer: Well, I  think the best thing to do is castration of the male testicles and if it is woman,  she should be given life imprisonment.

Interviewer Cuts-In: Then the Man is still alive and the woman is also alive then the woman has the higher chance of getting a pardon from the CJ or Presidential Pardon and what if she commits the same act again?

Answer: Then to provide a suitable punishment is to be decided by the government but in my own case, banning of such persons and their faces should be shown on National Television and name should be broadcasted after  being punished.

Question:  Sir, as a good reporter, how do you determine the news Worthiness?

Answer: A worthy news story must have the elements of a news story. Which is 5 W' AND H.

Question: Can you briefly explain the impact of the media towards COVID-19.

Answer: Media has been keeping  us informed about the situation of COVID-19.

They provide information on how to be protected through the use of hand sanitizer, wearing of face mask and the likes.
They serve as gate keepers between the people and  NCDC.

Question: With the current reopening of religious houses, do you feel the virus won't spread out the more?

Answer: The virus will spread out the more but for the government to have announced a return of religious activities then, there  should be some preventive measures on how to curb the spread of the disease.
Also the religious institutions should be mandated to provide hand sanitizer for its members and the minimum worshippers must not exceed 50 people.

Question: What's your hope on this current pandemic?

Answer: Insha Alllah, I belief with the power of almighty God, the virus will be  history.

Question: What can you say about the proposed words of the Federal Government to turn institutions into isolation centers?

Answer: The institutions are not a clinics or hospitals for laboratory test.  I don't think the Federal Government will go for that.

Question: Do you think the idea of shutting down schools will also affect the increase of new cases?

Answer: Yes, because we are  from different states;  the cases may increase rapidly.

Question: What is your view on the number of covid-19 cases being recorded every day and do you think it is real?

Answer: We have seen the number of cases but we haven't seen anyone that has the virus. As at yesterday, the cases hit over 11,000 like that, as for me, what I keep saying is that the results are like scores update.

Question: What is the main thing you think you can change for our country to be a better place for the upcoming generations?

Answer: The issue of tribalism and favoritism should be stopped, unity and harmony among the three tribes in Nigeria for the upcoming generations will be better.
Favoritism and nepotism among tribes shouldn't be a barrier to gain opportunities for a better tomorrow. The issue of tribalism should be stopped and unity will solidify our nation.

Question: The statement Pen is mightier than sword, can you please explain it?

Answer: Pen is mightier than the sword because our thoughts are inscribed on ink and they say "action speaks louder than voice"
Our pen is our mindset because it gives us the privilege to Express ourselves.

Question: As a journalist, What precautions do you take to ensure your information is accurate?

Answer: By taking information from the right source and check again if the news is valid from other sources.

Question: What can you say about the division of Mass Communication into 7 different departments?

Answer: Mass Communication is a broad discipline because all aspects is very important and sensitive.
Dividing the course into 7 field is good and not good.
In my own view, Mass Communication students should know the in and out of the profession.
Similarly on the other side, splitting it will make someone choose what he wants to specialize on and he gets better understanding in it rather than having few knowledge about all of it.

Question: How would you manage the stress of tight deadlines?

Answer: To meet the tight schedule,  reporters must have a functioning email address for sending reports. This will save stress of rushing to the organisation.

Question: What is the difference between marketing and public relations? What role does marketing play in PR?

Answer: Marketing and PR are two different concepts.
Marketing is said to be advertising and how a product is being made known to  the public 
While PR is define according to the Mexican statement 1978 as  the art and science of analysing trends, predicting their consequences and counselling organisations leaders and implementing planned  program of action which will serve both the organisations and its relevant public.
The role marketing plays in PR  is a valuable tools. The use of publicity and advertising i.e the public relations must communicate with the need of the people or the consumers on certain products.

Question: What do you like to read on your own time?

Answer: Books!  because to be a good writer, someone must love reading books.
Novels that will impart in my writing aspects; Literature writers such as Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe and the rest.

Question: What will you like to improve in most media organizations in Nigeria in particular?

Answer: What I would implore most organisations to do is to give the right information to the public.

Question: What do you feel about investigative reporting. Do you think it worths taking risk; most especially crime?

Answer: Investigative journalism is good but can hinder someone's life because there are many risk attached to It.
In the aspect of risk taking, I would implore someone to abandon such research if it will cut short his life.
An adage says when there is life there is hope.

Question: Why Are Professional Ethics so Important In Journalism?

Answer: Ethics are morals that guide some professions.
It is important in journalism because it guides the conduct of how a professional should  operate. For instance,  children and minor faces should be blured while broadcasting about sexual assaults and other things that can actually affect them in future.

Question: What is the main reason for censorship?

Answer: The main reason for censorship is to maintain any kind of prohibited material to get to the public.

Question: Are there any famous journalists that inspire you? Why are they inspirational to you?

Answer: Femi Makinde of Punch. He inspires me a lot and I want to be like him.

Question: Any important message to the people outside the world about your profession and your take on it?

Answer: Determination and persistence in the profession.
My take is that we shall all succeed in our endeavors.

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