"The Devil That Led You To RAPE Should Also Lead You To Kill Yourself, JusticeForUwa" Jimoh Adenike Speaks To Salient Reporters In An Exclusive Interview.

"The Devil That Led You To RAPE Should Also Lead You To Kill Yourself, JusticeForUwa" Jimoh  Adenike Speaks To Salient Reporters In An Exclusive Interview.

Question: Kindly Introduce yourself.

Answer: My name is Jimoh  Adenike Suliat a student of Federal Polytechnic Offa, Mass communication Department ND 1FT. I like to make friends alot am jovial and fun to be with but if someone pass beyond his/ her you see my other side and lastly I hate lies. Proudly an indigene of Kwara State.

Question: What is your motive for studying Mass communication and what do you intends doing in the field.

Answer: First and foremost Mass Communication is one of the best if not the best course in Nigeria now both in polytechnics and Universities and my aim in studying this course is to be a News Anchor because I so much love reading news both in English and yoruba.

Question:⁩ The significance of new media in modern journalism profession.

Answer: Well without media there won't be a journalist not to talk of journalism.
Reason be that, journalist won't be able to pass information to the audience because there won't be a means of transmission.

Question: With the way social media is been used today, do you think Radio and television will later be relevant in disseminating information?

Answer: Sooner or later radio and television will become a thing of the past in disseminating information just like in the olden days when the use of gongs is used in passing information.

Question: And what do you feel about new media taking over newspaper reading radio and television media house in the future.

Answer: Well things are easier now in this 21st century with your phone you are go to go in knowing the happenings of the globe.
Also the stress of you going to a vendor shop to get a newspaper is now at the minimum level.

Question: Do you think that the government should control the media?Why or why not?

Answer: Yes the government should and shouldn't control the media, for instance we have media house and platforms and out of them so have chosen to dish out fake and misleading stories and information, where as the audience who listens to them believe it as it serves as the only way in which they can get their information. 
As they have turned the media house to a fraud centers where they are been paid to give out news about someone that isn't real. So therefore I believe the government can control and intervene in this area.

Interviewer cuts in:  So do you think the government taking over the media house will solve such case

Answer: But at least it will reduce those crime rate.

Question: Then why should the government not take over ?

Answer: In some cases the government is not been faithful with the people because a case might not happen and the government will say it happened for instance now the covid-19 case their is no evidence for we Nigerians to know whether it is true or false 

Question: What do you think are the main responsibilities of a mass communication professional?

Answer: A communicator has to understand the message he or she wants to disseminate for the people to effectively understand the message.
Also a communicator must understand the receiver and his psychology well-being to design a message to suit his or her taste.
A communicator must come up with the best possible medium that is required to transfer the message.

Question: Ma, nowadays marriage is turning out to be something else as it doesn't last long again, what is your view on it and what do you think leads to easy collapse of marriage nowadays.

Answer:  Marriage is a lifetime contract between two lovers and the reason why marriage collapse nowadays mostly comes from woman because alot of woman can't exercise patience and endure all what our mothers endured during their time.

Relationship nowadays is not what it used to be because both parties don't know each other fully before embarking on marriage, most maybe just a month or two before a twinkle of an eye wedding plans has started which is not meant to be.

Question: So now are you now saying that lack of patience and endurance are the causes?

Answer: It is still part of it and some women lack of contentment, no matter how her man try to make things work still yet she will never appreciate

Interviewer cuts-in: So do you mean that it doesn't affect men

Answer: It does too, because a lot of man out there are never satisfied with one woman. In the process of jumping from one woman to another the real wife at home won't be happy about it and in such situation the woman won't be able to cope with it and whenever she complains is either such man inflict injuries on her whenever she is being tortured and she has no other choice than to leave him.

Question: So what is your advice or hint to build strong and last longer relationship

Answer: My advice for couples and couples to be is that in every situation one has to be prayerful in order to make a choice so as to be led by our creator to order our footsteps, and to be enriched in wisdom and understanding about the way to go in marriage.
However, to all my prestigious women have a deep understanding about what marriage entails and not just to jump into it because of pressure.

Question: In your own view what means of communication do you think is better for advertising.

Answer: Through the media it spreads faster most especially broadcast medium (Television and Radio), because not everyone is will want to buy a newspaper everyday to check out for a new product that is been advertised  but with the aid of their TV and radio at home they are good to go.

Question: With the current reopening of religious house do you feel the virus won't spread out the more.

Answer: Well with what is happening now around the globe and the step taken by Nigerian government that no opening of mosque and church, does this actually stopped the virus from spreading ? No.

Because we have new cases  everyday and so for the government to now say both mosque and church should reopen it is their believe that if the virus is bound to even increase when they are closed the n it should opened.
Also, when both centres were closed how will we all call on him to bring everything back to normal, we can say everyone pray s at his various home but who knows maybe the prayer we pray in congregation will be answered. So I think that is what the government must have considered that if we go back to mosque and church possibly the virus will vanish totally.
To me I see this covid-19 case as the Satan's handiwork just that l to take over and rule over the world.

 Question: So do you think the idea of shutting down school will also affect the increase of new cases.

Answer: What happen is that student are many in school most especially tertiary levels.
Firstly, the government should provide the equipment that will be used to reduce the virus to all schools in Nigeria through each state governor because there is no way student will not touch, hug each other, so for now my opinion is that the government  shouldn't open school unless we are provided with all safety equipment
In addition to that, the government need to act fast on reopening of schools because it has affected a lot of students most especially the final year students, SSS 3 student,and primary 6 student respectively and even those that are not final year student are also affected.

Question: What is your view on the number of covid-19 cases being recorded every day and do you think it is real ?

Answer: I had never for once believed in it not because am not affected so say by some people but also we have no evidence to prove it, for instance even the place where it was originated they have evidence but here in Nigeria nothing to show for it.
Based on the numbers I believe it is a scam.

Question: So you think the WHO, Nigerian Government and NCDC are doing there best towards this pandemic 

If yes explain and if No explain

Answer: Humm...... Kudos to all health organization and workers because they are endangering their lives for others just to save them from the deadly virus.

Question: Is mass communication a difficult profession ?

Answer: Yes and no,  that's if you know what you are there for and not because my friend is doing mass communication I will also go for mass communication.
Many individual are out there who don't have certain plans for their present not to talk of their future.
Thou mass communication is a wide course that has alot of field under it but if you know where you are good at it won't be difficult at all.

Question: How does mass media act as a link between the government and the people?

Answer:  Mass media act as the link between the government and the people and as the vehicle through which the government inform, explain,tries to win support for his program and policies.

Question: And as the case maybe, what can you tell the government to do instead of banning interstate movements?

Answer: Despite the government ban placed on interstate travelling people are still traveling. So I think government banning interstate travelling is not the best for instance during the lockdown the health workers are not supposed to see cases again but reverse is the case will the interstate travelling now reduce the virus. 
No, so what the government should do is to instruct the 18 passengers carrier and order that they must not carry more than ten passenger and the government officials(police, navy) should take any drivers that violate the law and be given the Right punishment.

Question: Which gender should be indoor the most the male or the female.

Answer: Both, because between the male and female both are child and it depends on how the parents train and nurture their wards. As some parents are less concerned about their children. So both gender ought to be both trained.
Today most make children are wayward and doing things that are not right.
Likewise to the female many are led to immoral acts such as prostitution which is the order of the day for many ladies.
So the character and behavior in which the child exhibit happens to be from the parent side because if a parent cannot control, correct and lead the child to the right path it tends to affect the children in the future.
And also if the both gender are mostly indoor it can also have a repercussion because they won't know the things happening in the society which maybe a great risk later in the future.

Question: Can we say the lockdown is the main reason for the current Rape issues

Answer: Exactly, During this lockdown when there is no place of visit for a man such as the hotels, clubs and other sort of places to visit to satisfy his urge has caused the increase of rape.
A Yoruba adage says "Owo ti O di le ni esu ma n yalo" so as a result of that the feelings that he his doing a bad thing doesn't come to him as he feels its normal.
And after doing such act he will now say it's the devil handwork but the devil didn't tell him to run into a trailer to be crushed, but it led you to rape a minor due to your five minutes enjoyment.

Question: Please why is it that when white kills the black it is not a problem but when the black do otherwise it then causes havoc

Answer: Lemme say it is racial discrimination.
 Racial discrimination is a form of any discrimination against individuals based on their skin colors,or ethnic origin and it should be eradicated by African government by pronouncing the same judgement on both the white and black that who ever that kills must be killed because if he who kills for the first time and no punishment is awarded to him or her and the next time again he or she will still kill.
Which is the problem Africans are facing.
As we all know that right from the onset the white hate blacks.

Question: Can you tell us what you will like to become in the next two years and how to tend to influence the world?

Answer: Hmm.....Next two years I will still be in school and probably almost done in achieving my dream as a broadcaster and be a good ambassador of my home and school by saying the truth always.

Question: Are there any famous journalists that inspire you? Why are they inspirational to you?

Answer: Mrs folashade oshodi, She really inspired me the day I met her face to face, however she encouraged student to be determined and focus no matter what and the risk involved in being a future journalist and broadcaster.

Question: Lastly, do you have any important message to the people outside the world about your profession and your take on it?

Answer: Well I will advise my people outside to focus on their goals nd follow their dreams nd to make the dream comes true don't be deceive or lead astray by a fellow human being. Wish us all the best in our life career.
Proudly communicator.

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