The Reasons Why Women Wear Waist Beads Revealed

The Reasons Why  Women  Wear Waist Beads Revealed 

Ibrahim Zainab, ABU Zaria

Before we get into the real thing and focusing all our attention on "why women wear beads" let's think for a minute or two what are actually beads?


You probably wondered many times, what are beads? Beads are usually small, beautiful pieces shaped in various ways. 
In some ancient cultures, even thousands of years ago, beads have been threaded on strings, also other types of threads to become jewellery pieces. Beads have different sizes. From very, very tiny ones, as small as few millimetres. Up all the way to big, chunky ones, sometimes exciding few or even more than 10 centimetres.
     Beads are popularly known of course for the beautification of the body, it serve as ornaments or accessories to especially the female counterparts, these items are also used to differentiate hierarchy; it shows royalties and high status, which is used till date in the society, these are also very effective in plays to project characters of the royal calibre, They come in different colours, shapes, sizes and from different materials which sometimes help in identifying the indigenous users of a particular bead
      The information above are known reasons of why beads are worn, but it is with great interest I present to you some mysteries behind women use of beads.

Ankle Bracelets: these are beads worn on legs by women, it has come to my notice that so many girls now use it without any other motives apart from beautification, ironically these attitude of wearing beads on legs have meanings, if a woman wears an ankle bracelet on  the left leg, it shows that she is married and she is in an open relationship. These women are called hotwifes , more interestingly if it on her right ankle it means she is a lesbian. An ankle worn on the left leg have no meaning but on the right? It shows that the lady is free to approach for sex even when accompanied by her partner, when the anklet is worn under stockings it shows that the sexual encounter must be safe( condom worn) and the sex can be bare back, with the bull free to cum inside the lady. They are also similar to wedding rings, it is way of expressing marital status once they are gifted by the groom as a symbol of love and a way of saying he wanted to be her husband, their are no rules to which leg this anklet should be worn.

Waist beads: Also waist beads have gradually risen to become a fashion trend among Nigerian and African ladies.

Though it’s still being frowned upon by some people who see it as charms and a tool to enslave men and make them part with their hard-earned money; this could not totally be called lies, it sure happens, but their are more to waist beads.

What is a waist bead?

Waist bead is a traditional African fashion accessory that is usually made of smalls beads on a string and worn around the waist or hips.

They usually come in different colors, shapes and sizes and some of them also contain crystals and charms.

They are handmade and have been used by women from the olden days to feel more feminine and beautiful.

Below are the uses of waist beads

1) Weight Loss:

Are you tired of wearing waist trainers? buy a waist bead. They will help you shrink your waist and also help you to watch your weight.

Normally, the beads will sit on your hips but once it starts climbing up and resting on your stomach, you’ll know you’ve added some weight and it’s time to watch what you eat.

2) Makes Women Feel Attractive And Sensuous:

Waist beads have been used by women to feel attractive, beautiful and sensous.

For some women, it gives them that sexual appeal.

Some ladies wear the beads as a means of seduction to provoke desire. That’s why some beads have bells and once it rattles, their boyfriend or husband will know they are feeling sexy and wants to get some.

3) Heritage And Pride:

Most black women abroad buy the waist beads to show off their heritage as Africans. Most of them wear it to connect to their ancestors who were sold into slavery.

The beads is used as a reminder that their heritage is not far away and they also use it to celebrate their culture.

4) Rites Of Passage:

In some African cultures, waist beads are worn to show maturity and growth.

In some places, when a girl has seen her first period, she is usually worn a waist bead as a ceremonial rite of passage into womanhood.

5) Posture:

Waist beads have been used by girls to become more aware of their stomach and sitting posture.

They serve as reminder to know when to sit straight or when to tighten your stomach muscles so your big stomach does not pop out.

The beads fits differently depending on how a girl is sitting.

In conclusion, waist beads have come to stay. Though some people wear waist beads for protection against evil eyes and negative energy (Most waist beads that contain chakras and crystals are used for this), others wear it as a fashion accessory.

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