FEDPOFFA: Dean Of SBMS, Dr. Ebeloku Distributes Over 1 Million Naira Palliative To Staff

FEDPOFFA: Dean Of SBMS, Dr. Ebeloku Distributes Over 1 Million Naira Palliative To Staff

The Dean, School of Business and Management Studies (SBMS), Dr. Ademola Ebeloku has distributed over 1 million Naira palliative to the staff of the faculty.

It could be recalled that the principal officers of the Federal Polytechnic Offa led in palliative distribution to the lower cadet staff of the polytechnic to ease the burden occasioned by Covid-19. This feat has however been emulated by the Dean of SBMS to support the staff of various departments that made up the School of Business and Management Studies.

The staff of  departments that benefited from the palliative were Accountancy Department, Banking and Finance Department, Business Administration Department, Marketing and Insurance Department respectively.

Dr. Ebeloku, speaking to this reporter said the palliatives are majorly   meant for the staff of the School of Business and Management Studies but  there are  some personalities in the polytechnic that  are being taken into consideration, especially, all the principal officers. He further noted that the palliative is not the only measure that is being put in place by the faculty, the SBMS under his leadership has already concluded plans to procure four hand washing and sanitizing machines from Mechanical Engineering Department of the institution to support the management's efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19 ahead of resumption.

He said: "We are managers and I belief  management leads while  others follow. This is not my money, it is our money and we must use the money to do what will benefit people. I belief food items is what we can use to assist ourselves and that is why we have put this in place inform of palliative. The management has already done something like this and we have to emulate good things to support our staff.  All of us need to work hand in hand to fight Covid-19 in one way or the other and I know my other colleagues will follow suit as this will go a long way in easing the effect of Covid-19."

While responding to the gesture of the Dean of SBMS, Head of Department of Accountancy, Mr. Sunday Ikhu-Omoregbe commended the good leadership style of the dean. He said, "I'm really grateful on behalf of Accountancy Department for this wonderful relief the dean of faculty has extended to the  staff.  This will go a long way in ameliorating the problem caused by the pandemic. May God continue to strengthen him."

Also the Head of Department of Business Administration, Mrs Bolanle  Ajibade acknowledged the Dean's efforts at this trying time. She said, " I'm very happy because at this moment, that is one of the things a reasonable leader must do for his or her subordinate. I want to appreciate our honorable dean. He is a man of his words and  we all appreciate what he has done. That is how he has been doing since he assumed office as Dean of faculty. What  a man of integrity!"

Furthermore, Dr. Taiwo Olanrewaju, the Head of Department of Marketing said nobody expected such palliative from the dean at this time. He added that the dean did it to the surprise of everyone in the School of Business and Manage Studies which is highly appreciated and commended. While the Deputy Registrar, School Officer of SBMS, Mrs Adeyemo Rasheedat Ayo expressed maximum satisfaction in the leadership style of the Dean of School of  Business and Management Studies. She noted that  SBMS is a pace setter in terms of everything in the polytechnic and it has always been  like that for long. She therefore described the Dean as an amiable leader with lots of achievements in the polytechnic.

" If we are talking about amiable leader, a leader that leads with example, a transparent leader that does not hide things from his subordinates, we are talking about Dr. Ebeloku. We have never encountered any problem in our promotions, he carries everyone along and we are one big family in the School of Business and Management Studies. We appreciate him for this worthwhile palliative. He is someone to be emulated with his leadership style," she added.

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