Nigerian Army Debunks Loss Of Interest Reports, Says Army Are Entitled To Voluntary Retirement

Nigerian Army Debunks Loss Of Interest Reports, Says Army Are Entitled To Voluntary Retirement 

Nigerian Army Frontline Troops Have Debunked the widely circulated news on  resignation of some officers due to the loss of interest in battling rebels marauding the country.

Meanwhile, the Officers have said they are highly motivated towards tackling insecurity in the Nigeria, particularly, the war against armed banditry and terrorism in Northern part of the country.

The gallant soldiers added that loss of interest have never crossed their minds

 The troops while expressing misgivings over social media report of alleged low morale, said they are well motivated, happy and ready to fight for their fatherland which is the professional responsibility of the Nigerian Army.

Recall that a report in the social media had claimed that there was a crisis In the Nigerian Army as 356 Soldiers have signified intent to exit over “lost of interest” in the war against insecurity. 

A senior officer in the Frontlines who expressed concerns about such distractive reportage said, “Our troops are happy and willing to fight. I have soldiers here with me…we fight day and night.” 

Continuing he said, “Due to the high morale, the troops  slept in the bush yesterday (Friday) waiting for the bandits to wipe them out in furtherance of meeting the targets of Operation Sahel Sanity."

It was also gathered that while some personnel of the Army are entitled to voluntary retirment like any other establishment in the world, it does not automatically mean it is as a result of  issues linked to loss of interest as claimed in the social media.

Observers conversant with happenings in the military while reacting to the report noted that it is the handiwork of mischief makers who are bent on discrediting the Nigerian Military by all means to achieve political interest. 

One observer regretted that troops of the Nigerian Army are really raining hell on bandits and criminals across the country but no one is talking about it instead, they down play these successes due to their selfish interest.

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