By Ibrahim Zainab, ABU Zaria

Waist bead wearing among ladies is now a common trend, the mysterious reasons behind this special adornment is one in a million, which have been discussed in our previous article.

Apart from the major reason of beautification; waist beads are also use to attract the opposite sex, it must have been working charms in catching feelings for a long time till date, as it is still very much in use,

Now the big question is ‘’WHY DO MEN LOVE WAIST BEAD ON WOMEN’’? 
Research shows it that, Men love for waist bead is purposely for sexuality, over the years, waist bead has been worn by women as part of the west African culture and have gained popularity. The belly beads also recognized as the dangling jewels are worn to add adornment and beauty. It is also recognized as the secret source appeal that tends to add a lot to sex thereby, improving sexuality. 

Nevertheless the differences among humans and their opinions varies as a young lady replied when asked ‘’I don’t really like the waist bead because it makes me uncomfortable, it is heavy and it itches, but I wear it because my boyfriend likes it’’ waist bead therefore, could be regarded as an agreed element that moves a man. 
Men also are not left out from their sides of opinions, they of course do not deny the fact that waist bead calls attention, one of the reply from an interviewee is that ‘’of course it makes me crazy… it seduces me’’  the reason for his blunt reply was ‘’the sound, when the bead strikes…how the waist bead lies around the curved waist… it makes a naked woman look like an angel’’ he further said ‘’it can lead to unprepared or unexpected sex when the sound is heard. 

Waist bead of course must have a long way in keeping men; most importantly, sexually. Men could not hide the sweet feeling encountered with that curvy hip with the bead; yes a curvy hips. Because some men lamented that it not just the bead, but the sight of it on a befitting hip (large curvy hip). 

Another personality interviewed went a long way to explain how this attraction works, he said ‘’imagine a scenario when my woman wants to go intimate…and I was engrossed in what I’m doing… and then she beats her thighs, the sound will quickly call me and I will get to job’’. 
Men proclaimed hilarious reasons, as to why they cherish waist bead on their women or their women in waist bead saying ‘’it encourages them on bed and they also love to play with it’’,

 Though some men are indifferent about it, as they don’t care if a woman is wearing it or not because it doesn’t move them. An interviewee said: ‘’I cannot be turned on by bead or get sexually attracted’’, Ironically some men are totally against it, saying it meant for whores, others said it a charm.

For the records, Men love waist beads on their women and they can’t resist it, for 90% of men are fans, 7% don’t even care and 3% detest it, probably from experience. Waist bead have come to stay, as it accepted by all genders, culturally allowed and definitely spiritually.

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