Blasphemy: CAN Supports Death Verdict Passed On Kano Singer

Blasphemy: CAN Supports Death Verdict  Passed On Kano Singer 

The Christian Association of Nigeria ( CAN) has said that religious body has no objection to the death sentence passed on Sharif, a young singer in Kano state for blasphemy against prophet Muhammad ( S.A.W ).

Kano state CAN chairman who reacted to the verdict disclosed that the ruling is in line with Islam and  Shari'a court  operates according to islamic law. 

Adeyemo said interfering in the Islam ruling is not relevant since blasphemy  against the holy spirit is a sin that cannot be forgiven.

He said, " If you want to know the position of Christianity about blasphemy, I will say there is what you can blasphemy about and what you cannot. The Lord Jesus said blasphemy against the Holy Spirit  is a sin that has no forgiveness."

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