England Defender Maguire Found Guilty Of Assault,Resisting Arrest, Repeated Attempts Of Bribery In Greece

England Defender Maguire Found Guilty Of Assault, Resisting Arrest,Repeated Attempts Of Bribery In Greece 
The England international and Manchester  United Captain, 27, was arrested on the early hours of Friday morning in Mykonos while on holiday

Harry Maguire has been found guilty of charges of aggravated assault, resisting arrest and repeated attempts of bribery after an incident in Greece last week.

The Manchester United captain, his brother Joe Maguire and their friend Christopher Sharman have been on trial in Greece after an incident which happened in the early hours of Friday morning while Maguire was on holiday on the island of Mykonos with family and friends.

Greek police claimed the three defendants were involved in an altercation with officers on the island and that bribery was attempted after they were taken to the police station.Maguire, 27, pleaded not guilty to all charges
and was represented by one of his lawyers, Alexis Anagnostakis, in the hearing on Tuesday as he was not required to be present in person.

The hearing took place in Syros with his father Alan in attendance and all three defendants were found guilty.
Sentencing for the British trio will follow and

Manchester United are expected to make a statement soon.

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