Fifteen Physically Challenged Individuals Benefit From Givers' Supportive Foundation In Ede

Fifteen Physically Challenged Individuals Benefit From Givers' Supportive Foundation In Ede

In continuation of the humanitarian and selfless service embarked upon by Giver's Surppotive Foundation on the mission to always reach out to those that are sick and extremely poor which was enjoyed by the good people of Ibadan yesterday with raw foods and cash  while some individuals with disability also benefited from the open- handed gesture sprawl out to them by the foundation.

      The foundation has reiterated in it's commitment to always reach out to those that are financially handicap to have something put on there table including the physically challenged individual in the society which was extended to the good people of Ede, Osun State today.

     The foundation stormed Ede town earlier today with raw foods and cash to give some residents who are extremely poor and needed assistance while Fifteen,(15) physically challenged individuals went home with a jumbo sum of Ten Thousands Naira, #10,000 each.
   In appreciation, the whole town who went agog showed gratitude for the unrelentless effort of the foundation in trying to attenuate suffering among the lower class in the society.
    In the same vein, some beneficiaries of the program who are over flow with joy and couldn't hide there feelings showered the Non Governmental Organization encomium for there kind gesture towards them and promise an unflinching surport whenever they are having program in Ede town and it's environs.

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