Edo Gubernatorial Election: The Survival Of The Fittest By Abdulsobur

_The Survival of the Fittest By Abdulsobur_

It could be recalled in the year 2015 when Godwin obaseki, the  Edo State Governorship candidate under the umbrella of  All Progressive Congress (APC) emerged as the leading candidate of the party. His predecessor, Adam Oshiomole gave him a backing for the post and he, obaseki emerged as the governor of the state.

He was sworn in and politics took it tolls as the governor no longer see his predecessor as a man who could give him advice or how the state resources would be shared. 

The 2020 election which was scheduled by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of the state to hold on September 19 has caused a political ruckus in the state between Governor Godwin Obaseki and his Predecessor, Adam Oshiomole.

The perfect timing to avenge this political game disclose Oshiomole fighting his man not to emerge as the governor of the state for second term as well as the man he gave his backing in 2015 no longer capable of leading the State again. 

The former (APC) Chairman was seen in a video leaked in 2015 saying Obaseki is the man for the job and saying he studied in university of ibadan and all sort of that.
He was also the one that came out, saying that obaseki isn't the man for the citizens of the state.

This political ruckus led Godwin Obaseki to dump APC and decamp to (PDP) then Eze Iyamu emerge as the Leading Candidate of the (APC) party.

The mind game between them started as both parties doesn't have the interest of the people, they rather want the national cake.
The survival of the fittest and use of political thuggery is of certain that the electorate would use their power to vote for the right Candidate. 

But who is the right candidate? Both parties fighting for the position doesn't have the interest of the people, they rather see the position as a ladder to embezzle and loot the state.

The Survival of the Fittest will see who knows how to rig the election well and who to emerge as the state governor. 

Who wins will be seen as the winner. 
But the iota of truth there is that they are looters who doesn't have the right to embark on the journey together. 

September 19 in the state shall be a tough decision to make for the electorate whether to vote for Obaseki or Eze Iyamu. 

The survival of the fittest will be recorded in the history as who emerge the winner. 

_Badmus Tunde Abdulsobur is a student of mass communication at the Federal Polytechnic offa, A poet, communicator, writer and Reporter_.

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