Alas Nigerian Killing Nigerian

Alas  Nigerian Kiling Nigerian

Olufadi Balarabe Teniola Ayyub, indites.

When Nigeria as a nation was mangling in inescapable banes of slavery and colonialism; where our natural resources was carted away to across lands and seas; when our natural freedoms was gripped and caged by the Colonial Headmasters, like that, helpless humans in Black skins was left as toothless dogs, tears amidst mothers.

The unabated and barbaric activities of the Europeans in a country they described as 'Dark'  informed Nigeria activists of the need to resist and reclaim their lost treasure. Nigerians, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters who are able-bodied was chained in their necks, hands and legs, and through the seas moved them far away from their lands of births, to a destination where hard labour romanced their souls. 

After series of agitations, Nigeria began to enjoy the sweet candies of ripened independence in 1960, as Ghana took the lead in 1957. Kudos to our freedom fighters for strenuous efforts and titanic struggles which later heralded a new dawn in Nigeria. Nigerians whittled away their fears and tears and yet again, they reunited with love and laughter which had departed them about some years ago. 

The protest was tagged "EndSars" which abreast activists souls as concerned citizens. Are we on the same page like Aishat Yesufu (A gladiator woman from Edo state), like Olusegun Aremo-oye among other lions that championed the struggle? Why sudden changes like chameleon to killing and destruction?

In sport, entertainment, fashion, economy, politics and other reputable industries are always persistent campaign against Racial Discrimination, but preaching of love, peace, unity and harmony, regardless of the differences in tribes, tongues and other parochial considerations. But, Alas! Things have fallen apart again in Nigeria, where Nigerians are joyfully shedding the bloods of their brothers and sisters whom have sought for greener pasture in their country. This mayhem is utterly obnoxious and condemnable, as lives and properties became lost without any of regrets by the culprits and those leading the affairs of the ingrate country, because of what they describe as 'fight against economic sabotage' in their homeland.

Nigerians shouldn't live or be considered as villains in a country that was birthed amidst intense pressure and struggles by selfless leaders and founding fathers of the Giant Black race. Instead, we should embrace ourselves regardless of any notable difference, being ethno-tribal, religious, socio-cultural, economic or political and always put in efforts to foster peaceful coexistence bilaterally, multilaterally and beyond.

Let's stop killing brothers and sisters.
Let's embrace ourselves and give the Europeans no reason for recolonization of our land. 
Let's preach, stand and work towards the restoration of peace and serenity. 
Let's stand in unison for a fight against killing ourselves. Our honchos shouldn't be taciturn and be watching the situation.

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