Olufadi unveils his book 'Chameleon Love'

Olufadi unveils his book 'Chameleon Love'

Olufadi Balarabe Ayuba launched his book 'Chameleon Love' a short love play that exhume the contemporary relationship issues in our society. Second satire unveils destiny which can never be predicted by anyone. A true representation of love and relationship with the many antics that comes with it
This play is the perfect mix of imaginative story telling and pure undiluted mastery of literary appreciation.

According to a columnist, Ibrahim Simon Harunah "the author, Olufadi Balarabe Ayuba made good storytelling seem so effortless and the more you read the more you get immersed in the storyline. I got the opportunity of working on the manuscripts of this play and to say I'm amazed is an understatement. Chameleon love is a work of art at its best and as such anyone who finds solace in the art will understand the reason why I am giving the author these accolades".
 Trust is a very important attribute in choosing a life partner and Chameleon Love teaches that. It also draws on the need to uphold the virtue of patience which is most important in life both at individual and societal levels.
Without mincing words, this is one book the whole world needs to watch out for. I hope the message Olufadi is trying to pass across in this play will not elude us all

Olufadi in his appreciation message, extols all families, friends and intellectual minds that contributed in any way to this short love play.

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