Fedpoffa Management Commends Outgoing Students ' Union Executives With Meritorious Certificate

Fedpoffa Management Commends  Outgoing Students' Union Executives With Meritorious Certificate
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Management of the Federal Polytechnic Offa has commended the outgoing Students' Union Executives of the Institution led by Comrade Abiola Azeez Adigun with meritorious certificate awarded to the executive members

The 2019/2020 executives received the certificate of meritorious service as set of Students' Union Executives with outstanding performance who had contributed to the relative peace and itch free academic session enjoyed in the Polytechnic.

While presenting the certificate, Dean, Directorate of Students' Affairs, Mr. Gbenga Aleminu described the executives as peace loving students who always work for the progress of the institution rather than individual interest. He said the Executives have displayed high sense of maturity and dedication to maintain and sustain peaceful coexistence from the side of the Management and that of the students. He further beseeched them to uphold the good spirit of uprightness as good products of the Federal Polytechnic Offa.

Also, the Rector, Dr. Lateef Olatunji  expressed satisfaction and lauded the 2019/2020 Union Executives for a successful tenure and worthwhile accomplishments.

According to him, "It is not an  exaggeration  to admit  that these Students' Union Executives have performed excellently well since the inception of their tenure, which has contributed to the free flow of academic activities and itch free academic session despite the intrusion of Covid-19 pandemic. It is on record that this institution is the first Federal Polytechnic that completed her academic session when others  still struggle and battle with either first or second semester.  If we claim to have enjoyed relative peace among the staff, students' unrest is capable of trucating the nascent peace enjoyed. It's on this note, the Management has deemed it necessary to commend and appreciate the  out going  2019/2020 Students' Union  Executives for being a peace loving students"
"On behalf of the Management, staff and students, I want to congratulate you all for the tough,rough and at the same time, successful tenure. Continue to be  good ambassadors of the Federal Polytechnic Offa.  I pray you all excel outside here," he added

While the Union President, Comrade Adigun appreciated the Management led by Dr. Olatunji for granting listening ears to the Students' Union and fulfilling requests that deal with Students' welfare.

He further acknowledged the fatherly role played by the Director, Directorate of Students' Affairs to achieve a successful tenure. He emphasized on the proactive efforts of Dean of Students' Affairs, Mr. Aleminu for taking students' interest as his utmost priority. 

He said: "We sincerely appreciate Rector and Dean of Students' Affairs for always granting our wishes. Sometimes, we always disagree to agree on some certain things and at the end, the Management always dance to our tune. As a matter of fact, the Management is behind the peaceful coexistence on our campuses."

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