Don't Set Kwara State on Fire- Pyrates Confraternity Association Warns

Don't Set Kwara State on Fire- Pyrates Confraternity Association Warns


In view of recent happenings in Kwara State, the National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity), Ruwan Zafi Deck (Kwara State Chapter) is compelled to address some critical issues  pointing to the gradual slide into anarchy.

While we acknowledged the concerted efforts the state government is making towards creating an enabling peaceful society, it is glaring that there are still more things to be set in place. We are worried about the state of distrust among Kwarans. It is so obvious that the peace loving people of Kwara State are now divided along religious lines. Tolerance has taken flight among the people as the two major faiths are suspecting one another. The recent upheaval over issues on Hijab wearing in some schools and the ugly incident that occurred after schools were reopened calls for deep introspection among stakeholders.

 We commend the state government for taking adequate steps towards fulfilling the demands of United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) for funding on education in the 2021 budget. However more needs to be done. 

We implored religious leaders in the state to take a step back and preach tolerance to their devotees. There have been harmonious living in Kwara State before now and the recent crisis was clearly uncalled for.  The leaders need to be circumspect in the lessons they are passing to the younger generation of leaders. Both religions have contributed towards the education of the mind and soul which makes the recent crisis unnecessary as it doesn't have any bearing on the value of education for our children.

 Stakeholders in Kwara State should be cautious not to set the state on fire. The lessons of what is happening in North-East Nigeria should be enough reason for them to preach for peace in Kwara State. They should take conscious efforts to enthrone a just and egalitarian society where no one would be a victim of creed, colour and gender.

The government should not shy away from its duties to the citizenry by maintaining law and order without fear or favour. The citizenry should also know that the rights of all citizenry must be paramount. We enjoin all to come together and work out an amicable solution to disputes standing against a peaceful coexistence.

Lastly we commend the government on its efforts towards the UNESCO recommended percentage for education. However we will enjoin all stakeholders to work towards ensuring quality education for all and also to monitor the disbursement of funds so that in the end we will have a better generation of Kwarans.

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