Olufadi Donates Own Book to Secondary Schools in Ilorin

Olufadi Donates Own Book to Secondary Schools in Ilorin

As a continuum  of his efforts aimed at encouraging reading culture in Kwara State and Nigeria, a lecturer, community developer and Public Affairs Analyst, Mr. Olufadi Balarabe Ayuba has donated  numerous copies of his recent literary work to secondary schools within Ilorin, Kwara State.

His book titled, 'Chameleon love' (Ife Ooga), which centered on contemporary relationship issues in our society was warmly received by principals of various schools where the books were presented.

The selected schools included Government Secondary School (GSS Ilorin), Ansarul-Islam Secondary School, Ilorin. Government Day Junior Secondary School, Amule. Okelele Junior Sec School. Dr. Bukola Saraki Junior Sec Sch, Amule Iya Balogun, Ilorin. St John Junior Secondary School, Maraba. Kwara State Polytechnic Secondary School, Ilorin. And Ar-Rahman International College, Ilorin.
Collectively, the principals lauded Mr. Olufadi's literary piece and encouraged students to cultivate the habit of learning.
"This book will surely put smiles on our pupils' faces and guide them on how to live a worthy life," the principals said.

Mr. Olufadi while presenting the books to libraries across the state, stressed on the importance of reading. He said, "the whites believe black men don't read and that is why much hidden truth lies inside a book". 
According to him, the ability to read is a skill that is vital to a child’s future success. Reading expands the mind by developing a child’s imagination and engaging critical thinking skills.

Mr. Olufadi noted that the book 'Chameleon love' was well researched and contained different steps that help to navigate how someone could lead his relationship life.

"The book is full of lessons and morals. It is not just an ordinary story that was prepared in a hurry. It took time and extensive dedication from the path of the author," he said.

He added that several tips on how to live a righteous life ranging from puberty to adulthood were extensively narrated in the book.

He also admonished the students to take their studies seriously adding that this is the only noble way to greatness..

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